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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Google Form Project #6

After viewing the 17 results for my Google survey, I have come to the realization that the Internet is vital to all 17 students' lives. 41% of the students surveyed spend 3-4 hours on the Internet daily. 29% spend 5-6 hours online, and 18% spend 1-2 hours. Only 6% spend 7 hours or more on the Internet. Overall, though, everyone spends a number of time on the Internet every day.

The most visited website is Facebook with 59% of votes. The best feature of the Internet, according to 41% of voters, is communication. Study references as the best feature comes in line next with 35% of votes. This shouts out the truth of how the Internet has changed the way we communicate and the amount of time we spend communicating.

88% of voters feel they have gained the most insight into current news via the Internet. I feel the same way, and think this proves how very important the Internet is. It is crucial that we are up to date with the world we are currently living in.

53% of voters think the Internet is the cornerstone of technology. 29% of people have never thought about it. 12% feel it is just helpful, and 6% say it is not the cornerstone of technology.

The answers to these survey questions prove that the Internet is a vital tool, which is already pretty common knowledge. However, the voters proved just how important it is and the advancements it has made in our communications with others.

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