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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Post #11

It was very interesting to see a group of first graders interacting on individual laptops and doing hands on activities on the Smartboard. I think it is great that they are already learning about the world of the Internet and how to be safe with it. I imagine that all of these children will have quickly enhanced reading and writing skills thanks to Ms. Cassidy and her efforts. I also think blogging with other students will help improve social skills. I plan to use these techniques in my classroom. I do realize that I will have students who are non-readers, but voice recordings and videos are handy tools that can be used to give these children a place in reading and writing activities. It will also be difficult for certain children with physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, to move around as quickly as other students. Some may have a hard time pinpointing what to click on the Smartboard or even how to hold the pen. This just means I will need patience and time to work with students that have different disabilities until the best method for each individual is determined. I feel active assignments using technology are probably better suited for special children in many cases. I'm sure it will be hard for many of them to sit still for long. I can see lessons with the Smartboard especially giving them a variety of activities in which they can find their strengths and become accomplished, happy children.

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class!
EDM310 Skype Interview with Ms. Kathy Cassidy!


  1. Thoughtful. Well written. What are the costs to non-handicapped kids when put with severely handicapped that require an inequitable amount of the teacher's time?

  2. Hi, Tara
    I like the idea of the younger children being involved with technology it will help them in the future. I would have loved to have access to these things at the time of me being in school. I think it makes the children more open-minded to different ideas and not so much depend on the teacher for all the answers. I also think it will make the children more creative and really turn on their brains. I am glad to see that technology can work with smaller children; I have been introduced to many ideas for young children and technology. Great post!