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Monday, November 8, 2010

Comments for Teachers #3

The third teacher I was assigned to leave a comment for was Jenny She, a primary school teacher in Auckland, New Zealand. The first post I read included a video of a cultural festival Jenny put together for her class. Jenny worked with Garth J and Helen to put together the dragon's body and head. She also added kung fu and umbrella dance as well. I think children should begin learning about cultures at young ages so they can have a sense of cultural identity. It also helps them to escape from their own reality and visualize how life would be in other regions. I'm definitely looking forward to having my own class and creating fun activities for the students.

Children Are Our Future

The second post I commented on was titled We Should Listen to the Kids! Thank you, Jenny, for posting this video. Adora Svitak's lecture was very enlightening. She is very intelligent and delivered her message well. What she said is completely true. Adults must listen to children. The generation of children we are teaching will be responsible for the world after we are gone. That is the number one fact we have to take into account.

At the most, considering there are great-great-great grandparents living, we have six generations living in the world. We have the children, the teenagers, adults(young and grown) the elderly, the very elderly, and the extremely elderly. However, what is age really? It is a development towards death. In the process of aging, living happens. Children are the ones we should be listening to. They are smart, intuitive, innocent, curious, good-hearted, and pure.

I think it is important for children to be treated as adults to the fullest extent, excluding pornography, drugs, or any other harmful tool society has thrown into our homes. By molding our children to be the best that they can be, we will be able to know we truly helped the next generation. If we continue to steer them so far away from what is wrong and dwell on our own past mistakes, they will become too curious about the wrong things. We have to forget about what we did wrong in the past and focus on what we can do right now. These creative, genius children gain their influence from us.

Of course, not everyone will be a genius. Every single person does have the potential to fulfill dreams and reach their destination, though, if they are encouraged as if they are geniuses, regardless of age, personality, or anything else that may appear to be an impediment in one's journey through life. Adults must ask children questions in order to gain insight into the feeling of nothing being impossible. Adults must take children's ideas and imaginations and build them up and mold them to become exactly what they should be: true, life-changing dreams. Adults have to listen to all children, even if their thoughts are very divergent and seem complicated to put into action at times. It must be remembered that nothing is impossible as long we're alive.  Adults must realize children are our future. As Sir Ken Robinson says, "We shouldn't be putting them to sleep. We should be waking them up to what they have inside of themselves."

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