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Friday, October 1, 2010

Comments for Kids #1 & 2

For my first Comments for Kids assignment, I viewed Francisco Hernandez's class blog. He is an eighth grader in Mr. Chamberlain's class at Noel Elementary.

In his About Me, Francisco tells us that he is fourteen and has many hobbies including outdoor activities and watching TV. He states his least favorite subject is reading, and math is a challenging subject with great experiences for him. His post is very well written and he positively states that he wants to become successful to make life easier and fun. He knows that this means he has to make good grades and study hard in school to get ready for college, but seems determined to do it. It is great to know he has already decided that he will go to college. He even talks about his older brother who is going into college, thus setting a good example for him. I feel it is very important that he is able to have an older role model to look up to.

In Francisco's Student Learning Manifesto, he writes a few actions he will take to become a better student. He was only required to write three or four, but wrote seven instead. He appears to be a motivated boy, and I know if he sticks to his goals he will do great.

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