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Sunday, October 10, 2010

PLN Progress

When I began this class, I had no clue what PLN stood for. After finding it to stand for Personal Learning Network, it became pretty obvious. The difficult part was figuring out where to start. That issue was resolved for me thanks to this class.

Although I do not have my Symbaloo account organized as thoroughly as I would like, I have created a Twitter account where I am a follower of Dr. Strange, Anthony Capps, Jamie Lynn Miller, Stephen Aikens, and all of the teachers whose blogs I have been assigned to comment on. I find it effective to read previous students' blogs so that I am able to hear others' opinions on the topics I am learning about. I also enjoy reading Jerry Webster's Special Education Blog. He has 18 years of experience teaching special needs children and supplies the reader with new findings, tips on teaching, and personal experience.

YouTube is a useful tool I have found myself using more often. It is more intriguing to watch an informative video about something than to read about it. I love to read, but I do find it easier to learn something when I hear someone talking and explaining about the particular subject, especially if they are well-organized and creative. I will continue to build up my PLN so that I can perfect my own organized creativity, which I know is a necessity for my becoming a great teacher.

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