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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Post #5

Eagle's Nest Radio
Eagle's Nest Radio is a pod casting project run by a group of third graders. I feel this is a very effective way of learning. Instead of taking notes on lectures, the students are able to interact together and explain information creatively.

This is a great tool for practicing speaking skills and learning how to learn through various methods at a young age. I definitely see myself using pod casting in my classroom.

The Education Pod Casting Network
This website gives information and ideas about creative illustration for web design. This enables information to stand out and have it's own special attributes. Something that may normally be overlooked would be given a second glance thanks to illustration. This is important in learning because sometimes in order to spark the mind's attention we have to see that which is pleasing to the eyes.

This is another very effective part of teaching students and holding their interest so that they can focus. Pictures are always pretty to look at, and it's even better if they have a story to go along with them.
The Benefits of Pod Casting in the Classroom
This pod cast about the benefits of pod casting makes an excellent point concerning the fact that Millennium babies or anyone born after 1980 have never known a world without technology. It is what they are comfortable and familiar with. That is why pod casting is so beneficial.

It enables students to learn through a tool that they already understand via television advertisements, radio shows, and cell phones. They learn by doing, seeing, and hearing for themselves, and what better way to make this happen than through pod casting? Pod casting helps children to think rationally about what they are seeing, hearing, and learning. Parents can learn at the same time as their children simply by getting on a computer. Pod casting sounds like a genius idea to me.


  1. This is a really awesome blog. I agree with you about using podcasts in classrooms b/c it's an interactive way for the the students to learn. Most of the time, when people research material themselves and organize it they tend to remember it better anyway.

  2. Thorough. Well done. Well written. Eagle's Nest is great, isn't it!