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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final PLN Report

This year I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of individual learning Dr. Strange organized for us. I have added teachers' blogs to my PLN, through whom I have learned about teaching techniques and personal experiences. I am familiar with websites I didn't know existed before, and they are useful for research and social networking. I have found many things learned useful for developing my own lesson plans for my class in the future. I will continue to work on my personal learning network for the remainder of my life as a student, teacher, and life-long learner.
There was not one assignment in this class that was not useful. Each and every blog, video, and tool I explored has impacted me for the better. Most importantly, EDM310 has taught me that learning is not something that can be done simply by completing work. Learning is a personal journey that requires desire, motivation, goals, time management, collaboration, deep thought, and passion.

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